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aQieve was founded in October 2018 with the objective of raising awareness of, promoting the practice of a “BALANCED” lifestyle and creating a platform for individuals to achieve their best self.


In a world where we are constantly urged to out-do our performances, health concerns, stress levels, and constant distractions are on the rise. Given this context people often fail to see the connection between a healthy body, stable mind and vibrant spirit, which are essential elements of a “BALANCED” life.

 Asia’s growing affluence and rapid urbanization have focused individuals on “Money and Myself”, leading to accelerated health, mental and social problems. Additionally, Demographic shifts and societal changes are causing people to move away from traditional communities to form unit families. This is leading to rapid loss of traditional recipes that kept our body and mind at check. Instead, smaller units and large purchasing power are fueling the billion-dollar health industry with close to no impact whatsoever.


Our vision is that Every person respects and values balance and harmony and invests in their Mind, Body and Spirit.

When people take care of themselves, they have the ability to take care of others and the world.


We intend to bring out vision to force using  a three-point guiding scale:


  • Create a public awareness of what “BALANCE” means

  • Empower Each Person to Realize their Best – In Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Build a thriving ecosystem around the world of BALANCE

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